PORTLAND Portland-area fire crews fought multiple fires Monday, leaving one firefighter in the hospital with injuries.Firefighters were worried the dry conditions would spark additional fires.

A wildfire broke out along I-205 near Vancouver Monday morning, burning nearly an acre. Another fire in Northeast Portland burned two boats, a garage and spread to a home. No injuries were reported.

A third fire started on a Southwest Portland the deck of a house and spread to the roof. A firefighter battling the flames was injured after he was shocked by live wires in the ceiling and hit on the head by a piece of the roof.

The firefighter was conscious but was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

On Sunday, a man died and his mother was rescued after a home was fully engulfed in Troutdale.

Firefighters say their biggest concern is dry grass and brush.

Once all this green stuff in Portland in Portland turns brown, it is easily burned fuel, said Lt. Rich Chatman of Portland Fire and Rescue. All it needs is an ignition source and that will become a fire.

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