PORTLAND A Portland man who murdered his friend in a violent attack was denied early release from prison at his parole hearing Tuesday.

Kevin Roper was serving 30 years to life. He was convicted for the 1987 stabbing death of his friend Eddie Gibbs.

Roper said Gibbs pleaded for his life and gave him all his money but Rpoer killed him anyway, hitting him with a hatchet and strangling him with a speaker wire. Roper was 19 and Gibbs was 20 when the murder occurred.

Convicts like Roper have become entitled to a chance at freedom after 20 years behind bars, instead of 30. It s due to a state supreme court ruling that found the parole board had been waiting too long to consider parole for certain killers.

Roper also went before the board back in 2011 but his parole was denied that time as well.

We're afraid he's going to get out and murder again or molest again, the victim s sister, Teresa Robins testified during Tuesday s hearing. We're going to keep fighting. We know how evil he is. We know he's a good talker, but there's nothing behind that.

Roper s next hearing has been scheduled for February 14, 2016.

2011: Parole deferred for killer in 1987 murder

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