ALOHA, Ore. -- A 6-year-old boy got behind the wheel of his mother s minivan in Washington County Wednesday and plowed into a home, investigators said.

The two were in a car near Southwest 165th Avenue and Southwest Hart Road when the boy s mother had to run back into their house to grab something, according to Sgt. Bob Ray with the Washington County Sheriff s Office.

Ray said the boy somehow put the car into neutral and it rolled across the street and knocked over some garbage cans.

Then, he grabbed the wheel, which caused the car to swerve into a mailbox.

After that, the boy knocked the car into drive and it crashed into the back of a BMW SUV and the garage of a home in the 16500 Block of Hart Road, Ray said.

No one was seriously injured. A woman inside the home said she was in the living room when she heard the crash.

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