If you're feeling depressed, angry or sad at work, you're not alone. The new Gallup State of the American Workplace poll shows that seven out of 10 employees hate their jobs.

More than half of workers -- 52 percent -- are disengaged in their jobs. Yet it's the additional 18 percent that are actively disengaged at work, and they cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion per year in lost productivity.

Louisiana has the most actively engaged employees, while Minnesota has the most disengaged. Washington ranked low as well, coming in at 45th on the list of states with the least happy workers.

Bad bosses are one problem, but the Gallup poll says that companies can take the lead and improve morale in the workplace.

Here are some ways to improve employee engagement:

  • Select the right people -- not the worker bee, but the manager -- to take leadership roles
  • Develop employees' strengths instead of dwelling on their weaknesses
  • Focus on workers' well-being; offer corporate benefits and programs to help keep them healthy and happy
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