MCMINNVILLE, Ore. The huge pile of twisted metal that used to be the roof in McMinnville had been growing all day Saturday as crews ripped off the damaged metal and replace it with temporary tarps to keep the rain out.

Professional crews have replaced dozens of volunteers in the cleanup effort following Thursday s tornado.

Business owners are watching over the work and feel fortunate to have survived.

Eighty-six-year-old Spence Wriggelsworth was inside his auto repair shop when the roof was ripped off the building. He had everyone worried.

My first concern was old Spence here. I figured we d find him buried, but when we arrived, the first thing I saw was his little white head bobbing around, so I knew we was OK, said Tom Jackson.

I m smarter than that. I outran the dog gone thing. I ran into the office where I knew I was safe, Wriggelsworth said.

When Mr. Wriggelsworth stepped out of his office, the roof was gone.

Right next door Andy Jackson had nearly finished restoring two Chevy trucks, but following the storm, its back to the drawing board.

The green truck is totaled. Thousands and thousands of dollars of parts crushed when the roof came down, Jackson said.

The roof was peeled off the metal building from the small tornado. Homes just a few feet away were not damaged. The National Weather Service said funnel clouds were also spotted near Hillsboro, Albany and Harrisburg on Thursday.

Six cats are missing from Mr. Wrigglesworth s auto repair shop. He didn't find them in the rubble and believes they re alive. He thinks they're just scared because there s not much for them to return to.

Tenants in the building said they all plan to continue on with their business after repairs are made. They said their landlord has been very supportive and is doing everything she can to help them get back on their feet.

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