BEND, Ore. (AP) -- The kitten's head was small but the hole was even smaller beneath an air conditioner at a Bend, Ore., RV dealership and the kitten ended up stuck.

The little creature was able to yowl for help Friday afternoon -- and help arrived but the rescue wasn't easy.

All Seasons RV & Marine sales manager Brian Zinniker ended up calling the Humane Society of Central Oregon as he sought assistance for the kitten. Three staffers responded but found they had to dodge the kitten's slashing claws.

So the rescue team found a nearby veterinarian to provide a tranquilizer shot. Then rescuers used a golf club and a piece of rope to lasso the kitten and slowly pull her backward toward a slightly larger hole she could be squeezed through.

The Humane Society's Lynne Ouchida says the kitten was taken to the shelter for care and ultimately, a new home.

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