PORTLAND After two water emergencies in two days, officials are warning that waterways are still running fast and cold, despite 80-degree temperatures.

A 25-year-old Ohio man was killed when he jumped into Punchbowl Falls Sunday and a 15-year-old Newberg student was in critical condition after being rescued from the Willamette River Monday.

At High Rocks Park Tuesday, people were still jumping into the river, even though the water was as cold as 46 degrees in some spots.

Lifeguards were keeping a close eye on swimmers and offering warnings. For example, when you hit the surface, your body can go into cold water shock, according to Taneka Burwell-Means of American Medical Response.

And then you might take an involuntary deep breath while you re still under.

As soon as you come up, the current is pushing on you and you have to be able to recover from that cold shock of catching your breath and start swimming immediately or the current is going to have its way with you, Burwell-Means said.

Swimmers in Oregon don't have to wear life jackets. But police and river rescue personnel still recommend them.

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