PORTLAND - Safety of bridges like the one that collapsed in Skagit, Washington Thursday has always been a big issue in the city known as Bridgetown.

Portland's Sellwood Bridge is the latest bridge project to be upgraded. Crews moved the bridge upriver as part of a temporary solution.

ODOT facts on Oregon bridges

The 87-year-old Sellwood Bridge was moved 66-feet to connect to a detour bridge while a new one is built.

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With age and wear, structural experts in Portland must also considers the extreme vulnerability of area bridges in the event of an earthquake. If an earthquake the size of the 2011 Japan quake were to hit Portland, experts have confidence that only the Marquam Bridge over the Willamette River would remain standing and usable.

All the other bridges, they said, were simply too old or too vulnerable to rely on.

Another study concluded that the on-ramp to the Astoria-Megler bridge would likely collapse, along with a number of other bridges throughout Western Oregon.

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