COUGAR, Wash. (AP) -- The Cowlitz County sheriff's office said a Rochester man was killed in a southwest Washington logging accident Monday.

Spokesman Charlie Rosenzweig said 28-year-old Kyle Schlesser was killed instantly when he was struck by a tree felled by his logging partner, Owen Fickett.

The sheriff's office says that a tree cut down by Fickett hit a second tree that in turn fell and struck Schlesser.

Fickett says he called out to Schlesser before cutting the first tree to make sure his partner knew what he was doing. Schlesser was in the area cutting down another tree.

Rosenzweig says it appears the death near Cougar, Wash., was a tragic accident.

The victim was the son of business owner James Schlesser and had nine years of logging experience.

Fickett told sheriff's officers he's been logging 23 years without ever causing an injury.

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