PORTLAND -- Prior planning prevents poor performance, which could certainly be said of retirement plans.

A new survey by Wells Fargo finds shows many are not as ready as they should be.

The national survey talked to adults ages 25-75 and half the participants were from Oregon.

In a nutshell many are not doing what they need to in order to prepare for life after work.

Half of Oregon residents worry they won't be able to save enough to support themselves in retirement, and about a third of Oregonians surveyed said after paying living expenses, they don't have enough to save for the future. They are living paycheck to paycheck.

Where the planning piece comes in to really help people instill discipline in the process, pay themselves first, making sure they put even just a little bit back into their retirement plan if they can, said Chris Cline with Wells Fargo bank.

Oregonians under 50 are the most worried about how they will fund a retirement savings plan.

Most experts agree you need to start early during in order to be ready retirement by paying yourself first.

KGW business reporter Joe Smith contributed to this report.

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