PORTLAND -- Bilionaire investor Bill Hambrecht gave some Portland start ups a big chance to win funding for their businesses.

But the 28 firms had a short window to make their case.

The companies competed for funds through Starve Ups, where they made 30-second pitches and 30-minute presentations to billionaire investor Bill Hambrecht and his Ironstone Group Venture Capital.

Hambrech previousy helped fund companies including Apple, Google and Yahoo. He looked for good ideas that wil pay off down the road.

The technology, the opportunities they're taking with the internet space and the ability to develop sound business models around their business, very impressive, said Hambrecht.

Some of the companies competing through Starve Ups include Arcimoto, an electric vehicle company from Eugene, and Looptworks, a clothing company from Portland.

KGWreporter Joe Smith contributed to this report.

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