VANCOUVER -- Hundreds packed the Kiggins Theater inVancouver Thursday to see the story of 21-year-old Brianna.

Being a small-town girl in a solid family Inever imagined being on a big screen, Brianna said.

Brianna also never could have imagined falling victim to sex trafficking. It started when she was 17 and waitressing at a Ridgefield restaurant. An older man befriended her.

He was able to present himself in a way that Ithought he was my friend, she said. It seemed like we had everything in common.

The two traveled to Seattle. They then made plans for a trip to Phoenix. Unknown to Brianna, she was nearly forced into prostitution. Fortunately a good friend intervened and saved her.

Ifeel Ihave a purpose, Brianna said. There's a reasonIwas saved.

Brianna's story is now the driving force behind a documentary called Chosen. It was produced by the anti-trafficking nonprofit Shared HopeInternational.

We believe these tragic stories will save lives all over the United States, said SHI president Linda Smith.

If Ihad a message for the girls in the same predicament as me it would be to be brave, follow dreams, added Brianna.

Brianna is currently in nursing school. She hopes to one day work in a trauma department and help girls just like her.

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