PORTLAND A man trying to steal beer threw a case at a distributor who was confronting him early Thursday morning, deputies said. After the suspect was arrested, his father had to go down to the jail because deputies found a mouse in his pocket.

It all started when 20-year-old John Jacobson of Portland took a case of beer that was getting dropped off at the Plaid Pantry at 14140 SW Butner Rd. in Cedar Hills. The distributor saw him snag the beer and chased after him, said Sgt. Bob Ray with the Washington County Sheriff s Office.

Jacobson then threw the case of beer, hitting the distributor in the face, before running into the nearby Nike campus, Ray said.

Deputies with a K-9 unit swarmed to the area and found Jacobson hiding in some bushes on Nike s property.

Jacobson was charged with robbery and theft and taken to the Washington County Jail. Deputies found the mouse in his pocket while he was getting booked.

Deputies suspect Jacobson in another beer theft earlier in the day. No one was hurt during the confrontation.

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