PORTLAND -- A Portland woman became the victim of a heartless crime while planning her mother s funeral.

Rebecca Loghry was at the Gateway Little Chapel of the Chimes Funeral Home in Northeast Portland on Wednesday when someone stole her treasured photos.

She said she was inside the funeral home and ran out to grab some papers from her car. In her rush, she may have forgotten to lock the car and someone stole her iPhone from the middle console moments later.

The last photos that Loghry had taken of her mother Edie were on the phone. Edie Loghry passed away on March 22nd of kidney failure.

It has pictures of my mom in various stages, both celebrations and happy, and during the time she was ill and in the hospital, Loghry said. I haven t had the chance to download all those yet, and I can t retrieve those.

Loghry said she was working with her cell phone provider to try and track the phone, but so far, she hasn t had any luck.

These are things I would like to be able to share with my sister and her kids, Loghry said.

She hopes the person who stole her phone will turn it over to police so she can get her final memories of her mom back, to treasure forever.

The money is not important to me, I can always earn more money. I can't get more pictures of my mom, she said.

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