PORTLAND A Portland man who decided to turn himself into a publicly-traded company shared his unique story on the Today Show Thursday.

Kenneth Michael Merrill decided five years ago to start selling shares of himself. He set up a private market online where friends, along with complete strangers, could buy in and help him make decisions. His company is called K Mikey M, after his name.

Questions like Wear only Brooks Brothers? would pop up and shareholders would approve or vote down the option.

Change political parties?


Who should Idate?

The votes went in!

Coincidentally, Merrill now has a girlfriend and she's a shareholder but her six-month contract will go before the board for renewal soon.

I would argue it's all legitimate. I've been doing it for five years and this is how I make those big decisions, he explained.

He said his dad and brother were among his investors, but not his mom.

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