PORTLAND -- After a couple of years of big jumps, Easter spending was expected to flatten out in 2013.

Many people said they re trying to remain frugal but still want to spend money on things that matter for the holiday.

While Peter Cottontail may be hopping down the discount trail, officials with the National Retail Federation predicted that Americans will spend around $17.2 million on Easter this year. That will include about $145.13 per family, with an average of $45 getting spent on just the holiday dinner.

Tops on most shopping lists: Candy. Easter has traditionally been the second-biggest sweet tooth holiday, only lagging behind Halloween. Statistics show that around 91 percent of shoppers will splurge on peeps and anything else that can be made into Easter candy.

Clothing has traditionally also been a big seller on Easter. Statistics show that about 48 percent of Americans will buy a new outfit most likely for a child.

I don't even know. I just gather, I don't tell my husband. I don't even check, said shopper Nancy Ragel.

You have to bring your customers back every year you have to bring them something different and new, said Fred Meyer spokeswoman Melinda Merrill.

Discount shopping has proven important for many with 63 percent of Americans looking for deals. In addition, four out of every ten people will use their smart phones or tablets to shop and compare prices.

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