PORTLAND The tiny tree that got national attention after it was stolen from the world s smallest park in Portland has a new home.

The tree was re-planted on a hillside in Portland s Mt Tabor Park as part of the celebration for Arbor Month. The sapling was originally yanked from Mill Ends Park in early March. Then a story posted on about the tree theft went viral and soon after, someone spotted the discarded tree and it was recovered.

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By that point, a new Douglas Fir had already been planted in the tiny park. So officials with Portland Parks & Recreation came up with a new place to put it.

The healthy young tree is now at its new home, secure in the ground, watered and mulched, said Mark Ross, with Portland Parks & Recreation. PP&R is not disclosing its exact location in order to protect the tiny, vulnerable tree going forward. We figure it's been through enough.

Portland police added that the tree's return won't mean the end of their pursuit of the thief.

Remorse does not mean 'case closed', said Portland Police Bureau Sgt. Pete Simpson after the stolen tree reappeared. We will continue to pursue our investigation and hope that justice is served, and served swiftly.

At 191 acres, Mt. Tabor Park is a popular destination for walkers and bicyclists in Portland. It's located at SE 60th and Salmon Street. Mill Ends Park is only two feet in diameter, made up of just a small patch of grass, a few plants and one tree. It's not only Portland's smallest park, but it's also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's smallest park.

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