SALEM A human resource manager at a Salem hospital was targeted with what police are calling a hate crime.

Dau Tucker moved to Salem a couple of years ago. She and her family immediately ran into problems. They ve been called the N-word repeatedly at the gym and at the store. The Salem hospital where she works is the one place she thought she could escape all that.

She thought wrong.

A bullet showed up on Tucker s desk in January. It was Martin Luther King Day, also the same day of president Obama s inauguration.

Someone got into Tucker s secure office without breaking the lock. Behind the door was the message Leave N-word or die.

After such a blatant threat, Tucker changed her routine every day and took other security precautions to protect her family.

On Friday, her hospital s CEO released a video statement. He said the threat has him outraged and said his hospital will not tolerate the behavior.

Tucker said she feels supported by her employer, but still does not feel comfortable.

In this particular case, my voice was taken away from me. I felt inferior. I felt ugly. I felt like a minority for the first time in my life, Tucker said.

Salem police confirm an ongoing investigation but won t say much more beyond that.

Tucker said she s not going to quit her job or move from the area or stop talking about the racism she and her family continue to endure.

She is determined to expose the problem, not flee from it.

KGW reporter Reggie Aqui contributed to this report.

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