PORTLAND -- Some big reveals are in store for the mid-season return of NBC s Grimm, and the actors said they were anxious to share the action-packed episode with fans.

It's been a long time, we've all been waiting for it, said actor Silas Weir Mitchell, who plays Monroe.

David Giuntoli said while they were shooting a fight scene, he accidentally jammed his knee into fellow actor Sasha Roiz s face.

Sasha and I rehearsed quite a bit with our respective stunt people and when we got together, there was just nothing professional happening, said Giuntoli. It was just full body blows like two bears on roller skates.

Many fans are wondering why they've had to wait all winter for new episodes, and there s a simple answer for that.

We ran out of episodes, Giuntoli said. So we had to make some new episodes,

The show s writers basically went non-stop for about a year and a half. Weir Mitchell said They wrote about 40 episodes in a row and that requires enormous amount of work and energy.

So then the cast and crew took some time off. Giuntoli traveled to Kenya and France, but also took in a few Trail Blazers games in Portland.

I m a Blazers fan now, he said with a smile.

Ten new episodes of Grimm will air Friday nights at 9 on KGW NewsChannel 8.

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