LAFAYETTE, Ore. -- A mom who bought a pageant dress for her daughter on eBay and says the seller sent a dress that didn't match the picture, will get her money back after a report by KGW on the incident.

The online reseller had initially rejected a complaint by Kim Audova that dress she bought on eBay wasn't as promised. But Audova told KGW on Wednesday that eBay contacted her after seeing KGW's story and promised to refund her money and provide a $25 gift certificate.

Audova thought she was getting a bargain on a special pageant dress for her daughter when shefound a $400 dress for sale on eBay for $100. The seller used manufacturer photos of a dress from the company Perfect Angels -- the dress Audova thought she was getting.

But when the dress arrived, Audova said it looked nothing like the dress in the pictures.

We thought we were buying a brand-name dress, said Audova. But it was a knock-off dress.

The cut, style and color were different. Audova's 10-year-old daughter Mia had hoped to make it work anyway, but said it didn't even fit her.

They had altered (the dress), said Mia. The straps were different, everything was different and there was stuff missing from it. Everything was bad.

Audova filed a complaint with eBay but a company representative initially sided with the seller saying in part, I have determined that the item was accurately described. I came to the decision because the seller disclosed the following quote: 'You can add a tulle petticoat to make it fuller.'

The explanation by eBay did little to answer a question that Mia wanted to ask the seller.

Why did you sell us this dress? wondered Mia. It was my first pageant. Why are you lying?

The company advised buyers to ask sellers questions about items before bidding on, or buying them.

If sellers post manufacturer photos, like in this case, you should ask for a recent picture of the actual item up for bid, just to be safe.

KGWReporterKatherine Cook contributed to this report

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