PORTLAND - With federal and state lawmakers pushing for stricter gun control, gun owners have made an historic run on ammo.

Some common calibers like .22 long rifle and 9 mm are nearly impossible to find right now.

Nine millimeter is really popular in high-capacity magazine hand guns, meaning anything over 10 rounds, so with nobody being sure what the government is going to do, I think folks are buying 9mm for their high-capacity magazines, said Boyd Jackson who owns The Gun Broker store in Clackamas.

Local gun shops have been overwhelmed since the Clackamas Mall shooting and the Newtown massacre in December. That's when proposals for - and fears of - tighter weapons restrictions started in earnest.

It's the same story at national chains like Wholesale Sports and WalMart. Several stores in the Portland Metro area on Friday did not stock 9mm or .22 long rifle bullets.

Because of the rush, WalMart is now restricting customers to just three boxes of ammunition each day.

High-capacity magazines that hold more than ten rounds are also in very short supply.

They sell as soon as they come in, said Jackson.

A gun owner named Bob, who declined to provide his last name said, everybody is so damned scared. They are not going to be able to get anything, that they're just buying it all up while they can.

NewsChannel 8 checked with several ammunition manufacturers and asked when they expect to catch up with demand. But they had no firm answers.

The demand right now is extraordinary, we appreciate everyone's patience as we work around the clock to catch up, said Winchester, one of the nation's largest ammunition manufacturers.

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