SEATTLE -- The new lion cubs at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle made their public debut over the weekend. The two males and two females are three months old.

They're doing quite well outside, said Pat Owen Woodland Park Zoo Collection Manager. Adia, the mother, has done a great job taking care of them. This is her first time being a mother and she's done great - especially with four cubs.

Owen said four cubs for a first-time mother is quite a bit, but from day one, Adia knew exactly what to do.

It didn't phase her in the least, he said.

According to animal management staff, the cubs are doing exactly what they should be doing at their age - playing, romping around and exercising predatory instincts such as mock stalking, pouncing and biting.

The zoo is holding a contest to name the cubs.

Two of them will be named from the naming contest and two will be named internally, said Owen.

Get contest details at

Owen said eventually the cubs will go to other AZA-accredited zoos.

But that probably won't happen until at least 18 months old, he said.

The cubs and mom are scheduled to be on view from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily in the lion shelter, located in the African Savanna. Viewing hours may vary or may be canceled for the day due to weather and veterinary examinations, and will increase as the cubs continue growing.

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