PORTLAND -- The man accused of crashing into a pedestrian and killing her while he was driving drunk in downtown Portland is out of jail, after posting a reduced bond.

A Multnomah County judge on Monday reduced Brent Warstler's bail from nearly $300,000 to $50,000. Warstler posted the $5,000 bond on Wednesday. He will remain under house arrest until his trial begins on March 14.

During that time, he must wear an ankle bracelet at all times which will track his location and also monitor alcohol consumption. In addition, Warstler is prohibited from driving without court permission and required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Warstler, 42, of Cornelius, faces multiple charges including manslaughter and DUII in the Jan. 20 crash that killed 20-year-old Becky Bray of Gresham.

Bray was walking along a sidewalk in Old Town with her best friend Brandi Butner when she was hit and killed. The two had been celebrating Butner's 21st birthday. Butner, of Fairview, said Warstler's pickup truck ran a red light, hit a cab and then hit them.

Bray was pronounced dead at the scene. Butner suffered severe pelvic injuries. She has had two major surgeries and doctors told her that because of the accident, she may never be able to have another child. Butner's parents are now caring for her infant son while she recovers at the rehab center.

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