PORTLAND- Days of heavy rain have forced Portland Parks and Recreation officials to shut down a mile of its popular Lower Macleay Trail.

About a quarter-mile up the path, heavy rain saturated the soil and sent part of the hillside and some boulders sliding down into the fast-flowing stream below.

About 120,000 runners, walkers and hikers use the trail every year. But late Tuesday morning, park supervisors put up barricades and signs warning people to stay out.

Part of the trail itself is falling away.

It s really kind of a dangerous situation, we don't know if everything's going to come down at once or if the trail is going to break away here, so it's really a hazard for users at this time, said trail program coordinator Greg Hawley.

There are definite slick spots on the trail and heavy flow in the creek, explained hiker Eli Kraft who was on the trail at the time of the closure.

The city is warning runners, walkers and hikers to be on heightened alert on all the area trails during this period of heavy rain.

That means losing the headphones or earbuds so you can better hear if there is a slide or a tree falling around you.

KGWReporter KeelyChalmers contributed to this report

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