VANCOUVER - A 14-year-old freshman pleaded guilty Friday to assault and reckless endangerment after eight people were injured in a hazardous chemical exposure atSkyview High School earlier this month.

The boy pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and reckless endangerment Friday. He will serve 15 days of juvenile detention, 40 hours of community service and pay $200 in fees.

All eight injured, including students and adults, were taken to Salmon Creek Legacy hospital for respiratory distress.

According to the police report, the student mixed toxic substances in a container and brought it to school. He then exposed two students by asking them to inhale the substance. Another student was exposed because it spilled on one of the victims. According to the police report, the student knew the substance was toxic.

Hazmat teams secured the leaked chemical compound.

The student who allegedly brought the chemical mixture to school was also temporarily expelled, authorities said.

Of the three staff members taken to the hospital, two returned to school and one went home.

It was unknown what the chemical was.

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