One minute, 13 seconds. That s the length of the video on YouTube showing fifth grader Jonathan Carollo playing his family s Super Queen, super-capacity, 14 cycle washer.

Everything about his performance is super. You have to see it to believe, what this 11-year-old does with his hands, and the sound that s created with an empty washing machine.

The very front of it, when you kick it makes a base drum sound, says Jonathan.

I knew the video had gone viral. It had 1.5 million views and counting as of Sunday afternoon.

When photojournalist Matt Mrozinski and I arrived at the Carollo home in Sammamish the number of views, to be exact, was 1,524,534. By the time we left three hours later, there were nearly 4,000 more views. The numbers had grown to 1,528,150.

Is all this fame going to Jonathan s head?

Both Susan and Dan Carollo responded in unison. Not at all. Not at all, even though his washing machine playing skills have attracted the interests of the Today Show, Good Morning America, and the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Nothing has been booked yet.

All of this because He discovered the different sounds that the machine makes, says Dan. I m quite proud of him that he has a bit of talent here. I think it s something that s different.
You re telling me.

He doesn t keep track of how many views he s had, says Susan. We re the ones telling him. He think it s neat. He thinks it s really cool.

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