PORTLAND - Doctors know exercise can help us recover from cancer and now Portland researchers are working to determine the best kind of activity.

We want to be able to tell someone specifically this is the kind of exercise you should do to reduce your risk of fracture now that cancer has increased the chance of injury, said Dr. Kerri Winters-Stone at the Knight Cancer Institute.

Chemotherapy can reduce bone strength and cause problems with balance increasing the chance of a fall.

Researchers want to look at Tai Chi, strength training and stretching as ways to reduce the risk and find out which is most effective.

They re looking for more than 400 women to take free exercise classes twice a week for six months.

Volunteers will also undergo physical testing and fill out health surveys four times during the year of research. Link: OHSU/getfit|OHSU excercise info

The ideal candidate is a woman between the ages of 50 and 75 who has been treated for cancer with chemotherapy, explained Winters-Stone.

Breast cancer survivor Haralee Weintraub has already signed up.

Not only am I helping myself by going to exercise class, I m helping other women who will face breast cancer in the future.

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