CAMAS, Wash. -- A peculiar looking pod is making waves in this Columbia Gorge town.

The owners of Rescue-Pod said their device will save your life if a tornado, earthquake or tsunami hits.

The three developers of the unique invention admit the orange object first appears unusual. At least not something you see everyday, if at all. It weighs 250 pounds, and has seats inside and a GPS unit.

What exactly does it do?

Basically, we use it as a safety capsule, like you would a lifeboat or a survival suit, said sales manager Neil Jackson.

Randy Harper, the company founder and inventor of the pod, was inspired to make it after watching the effects of a 2001 tsunami on television.

I could hardly watch it, he said. I came up with my basic concept on the spot, but the complete design was ten years in the making.

He said Asia is a major marketing target.

It's been designed to work like a beach ball in a swimming pool. We've done everything we can think of to it, to make it sink, and it just will not sink, Jackson said.

In fact, The History Channel got wind of the pods and tried to break one using a cannon.

The History Channel shot coconuts at it, and 2-by-4 wooden boards, out of a cannon, said Jackson. The pod remained intact and didn't budge.

The pods, which are made out of a high-density plastic, have a lot of people talking. They can fit either two or four people, depending on which model you choose. Each has seats, a harness and survival boxes to get you through three days.

This gets you the opportunity to survive. You're not going to drown and you're not going to get crushed in this thing. You're going to basically float, said Jackson.

He added that so far the company has built about ten pods.

The two person model is $4,500 and the four person design will cost about $6,500.

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