PORTLAND -- Portland Metro area schools are highlighting - and in some cases increasing - safety procedures in the wake of two high-profile shootings last week.

Tuesday a gunman killed two people and injured one inside the Clackamas Town Center mall. Three days later a gunman in Newtown, Connecticut opened fire inside a school, killing 27 people.

Monday morning the Reynolds School District released a statement reading, The recent shooting at Clackamas Town Center makes this event (the Newtown shooting) even more profound to our students. Reynolds School District makes student safety a top priority.

The statement included a list of safety precautions the district has in place in case of emergencies.Click here to read the statement

The district later had to issue a robocall to parents regarding rumors of a Facebook threat of some kind at Reynolds High School, which police had investigated and determined not to be credible.

Police also sent out a press release Tuesday about a threat that was investigated involving Tualatin High School. They said the threat was posted via social media and they looked into it, but deemed it to be rumor only. Click here to read press release

Vancouver Public Schools also released a statement in the wake of the shootings, reading in part, We are all grieving this horrific, senseless act. Vancouver Public Schools will do all we can, given our resources, to reassure our children, families, staff, and community that our schools will continue to be safe places of learning and employment.

The statement also announced that increased supervision and security measures would be in place at all schools for the remainder of the school week. Click for more from VPS

A Portland Public Schools announcement called the recent events tragic reminders of the importance of safety measures and emergency training procedures. The statement included a link to emergency response plans and information on signing up for emergency alerts.

The Reynolds statement also included a link for Trauma Intervention Programs, which can help parents speak with children who have lived through a traumatic event.

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