PORTLAND -- Foreclosure-fighting protesters rallied at two locations around Portland Friday. While several recently-evicted homeowners spoke on a loudspeaker outside city hall, others staged a sit-in at a home in Southeast Portland.

Darren Johnson and his wife made news on Oct. 30, when foreclosure fighters tried to stop authorities from evicting them. At least one protester was pepper sprayed during the scuffle.

Johnson claimed to legally own the home and said the nightmare started when his wife lost her job because of health problems. They went to their lender, asking to lower payments.

We were ahead of the game. We went to them, and a year later, they claim to have lost the paperwork, Johnson said. Not only that we never missed a payment, we kept paying even though our note was sold to another lender.

While the Johnson's have been evicted, they are challenging the move in court. No word on how long the protesters plan to remain inside the home in question.

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