PORTLAND -- Two men have been going door-to-door in Portland and taking deposit money for home security system installation that they never complete, police said.

Robert Chang-Syck Jun, 51 (pictured, left), and 41-year-old Kevin (Kyoung) Youn are accused of approaching small businesses and offering to install video surveillance systems with Internet access, according to Sgt. Pete Simpson of the Portland Police Bureau.

The men take deposit money--ranging from $600 to $1,250--and schedule future installation appointments. But they then fail to return phone calls and never provide any services or products, Simpson said.

The suspects present business cards, brochures, invoices and show up wearing shirt, tie and ID badges with their photographs on them to appear legitimate, he added.

Police would like to hear from anybody who may have been victimized by these men, who referred to their non-existent company as Security One. Anyone with information was asked to email Detective Cheryl Waddell or call her at (503) 823-0697.

The suspects have had businesses listed under several other names, including Advanced Digital Security, ADI, and JUNTEC systems.

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