PORTLAND -- It s that time of year again, when a lot of us loosen our belts and prepare for an over-indulgence of comfort foods and sweet treats.

Although it may seem impossible at times, there are ways to get through the holidays without packing on a few extra pounds.

It s not the one day that s the problem, said Registered Dietitian Valerie Edwards, with Providence Portland Medical Center.

Edwards said go ahead indulge! Just don t eat like that every day for the rest of the holiday season.

For a lot of people, it just becomes two months of overeating and that s where the problems occur, she said.

Edwards suggests saving those extra calories for special days and on foods that you really love.

Her advice is to also keep exercising.

A lot of people stop exercising because they have family in town. Personal trainer Danielle Norwood said there are easy exercises you can sneak in, even while you re preparing the food, to keep your metabolism up.

Norwood suggested doing a few different exercises, 15 to 20 times over 3 or 4 rounds. Exercises like sit-ups or mountain climbers.

Norwood took a pumpkin she had lying around her house, and used it as a weight for squats.

Just think, the more calories you burn working out, the less guilty you might feel when you take that second helping of pie.

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