FORESTGROVE, Ore -- If you ask any of the middle schoolers on the Forest Grove Running Club why they are part of the team, chances are each one of them will tell you something different.

It's just really fun to run everywhere and get exercise, said Claire Hansen.

I used to do football, but I'm too short to do that so I did cross country instead, said Riley Stewart.

It's just more fun and adventurous, Ellie Khoury told KGW. You get this tingly feeling.

Tingly is the last word head coach Sue Fleskes is using right now. She has been heartbroken since thieves broke into her vehicle near the Rose Quarter. According to Fleskes, they made off with more than two dozen uniforms valued at $3,600.

You feel so violated, she said. Iwas so disappointed and I felt sick, absolutely sick, at the beginning.

This is a major blow to the running club. It is funded solely by grants and donations.

The kids pledged to keep running even if it means doing so without wearing their team name proudly across their chests.

Anyone with information about the case was asked to call the PortlandPoliceBureau.

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