The following statement was sent to KGW by Cynthia Soledad, with Whirlpool, regarding a Unit 8 investigation into dishwasher fires:

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to this consumer. We are looking into your report regarding that specific call, and examining our processes to ensure that all of our operators are prepared to handle these reports appropriately. We are pleased that we were able to find a resolution with this consumer after their experience was brought to our attention.....

Since 1989, Whirlpool has manufactured more than 24 million dishwashers with fully electronic controls, all of which were designed with built in safety features and tested to contain a rare event, like an overheated control board, inside the appliance. The potential for an overheating event is reduced through material selection and component design and testing. The safety features help ensure that in those rare instances when overheating does occur, heat damage is contained inside the unit, preventing a fire or personal harm to consumers. When some of these features, such as the flame retardant materials used in the dishwasher door and control board housing, are effectively containing heat damage inside the unit, consumers may still see smoke. We monitor, evaluate and investigate every report of dishwasher control board overheating, and have only found three units where the built-in safety features did not contain the heat damage inside the unit. Importantly, there have been no serious personal injuries caused by Whirlpool control boards. However, we can only evaluate incidents that have been brought to our attention, and problems caused by different electrical issue can initially appear very similar, which is why we encourage consumers to contact us directly. We are also currently in the process of investigating the anecdotal reports that have been posted on We have contacted the majority of the people that posted on that site, and in all of those cases, the safety features worked and contained the heat damage inside the unit. We encourage consumers with concerns to contact us directly at 1-800-422-1230.

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