PORTLAND -- Surgeons have reattached the arm of an Oregon mill worker who nearly lost his life while cutting lumber at a Philomath plant.

Jesus Jessie Cardonda Gonzalez s arm was severed at the elbow in the accident last Monday. He is recovering well after the surgery at Portland s Legacy Emanuel Hospital. He said he even has feeling and movement in his fingertips.

I knew my arm had been cut off and I wasn't freaking out or running around I was a little in shock a little in disbelief, Gonzalez said.

His doctor, Steve Madey, said Gonzalez has a good prognosis because of the quick response that helped them get blood flowing back into the limb as fast as possible.

Gonzalez, 40, thanked his co-workers at theMary's River Lumber Company, who took quick action, and paramedics who responded.

The re-attachment surgery took about two hours.

As for the fence plant where the accident occurred, it has been shut down, pending an investigation.

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