PORTLAND A clash over an eviction notice led to one arrest and protesters getting pepper sprayed at a Southeast Portland home Tuesday.

Patricia Williams said she s lived in the home with her husband, Darren for the past eight years. She admits that they fell behind on the mortgage.

The Williams' said they tried to modify the loan, but the bank lost their paperwork and they have been contesting the foreclosure.

Two deputies went to the door of the home at 12028 SE Pardee Street Tuesday morning and told the residents that they needed to leave the house immediately.

Then, the residents called the group We Are Oregon, which led to the standoff.

The court system and the police department is allowing this to happen. I'm just an honest everyday citizen and they keep perpetuating this fraudulence, said homeowner Patricia Williams.

Protesters arrived quickly and so did more officers, including some in riot gear. The protesters circled the driveway while police stood guard.

At one point demonstrators gathered in front of the home carrying a long sign on a pole and pushed into the deputies and officers in front of the home in an attempt to gain entry prior to the house being secured. At this point MCSO Deputies and Portland Police Bureau used pepper spray to keep the advancing demonstrators from running over the officers, said Lt. Steve Alexander with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.

As for the protesters, one man was arrested after police said he ran into the home. Eric Neil Bowen, 21, faces several charges, including criminal trespass and interfering with an officer, Alexander said.

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