VANCOUVER -- In less than two weeks, Washington state voters will decide whether or not to approve same sex marriage. On Saturday, Vancouver's mayor announced his support for Referendum 74.

Mayor Tim Leavitt made the announcement supporting the freedom to marry saying Referendum 74 is common sense.

Mayor Leavitt signed a statement in support of the referendum Saturday. He also joined volunteers with the Approve 74 Campaign going door-to-door canvassing to get out the yes vote.

Leavitt said he believes in treating others the way we want to be treated and that includes allowing civil marriage for truly committed gay and lesbian couples.

Everybody deserves an opportunity for equal rights, everybody deserves an opportunity to be in a relationship that has responsibility that allows for commitments just like everybody else, Leavitt said.

Not everyone is in support of the referendum; opponents have posted signs against it. The argument to reject R-74 is that it doesn t give same sex couples new rights, but does re-define marriage for all of society.

We tried to reach Preserve Marriage Washington --the anti-74 campaign -- for a comment but we have not heard back.

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