BEAVERTON -- This month fitness students in Beaverton started going to jam sessions in the gym, trying to drum the pounds away.

Pound is the newest workout class at Crunch taught by Paula Reed, It combines Pilates-type movements using your core and adds the upper body dynamic, she explained.

Students use fluorescent drumsticks which are twice the weight of regular ones.

Pound was founded and designed by two female drummers in California. They realized making music with drums required more than arm muscle.

The founders came up here and trained us with choreography and music so we can bring the class to students in this area, explained the teacher.

Right now, Pound classes are available in about a half dozen cities in the country.

It s something different and really gets you going in the morning, said student Marla Hooper.

Usually she lifts weights but with sticks in hand, Marla finds new inspiration, Motley Crew with Tommy Lee. He s one of my favorite drummers, she added.

The 12-track playlist of songs for class is heavy on rock and changed every three to four weeks.

I can t believe it was an hour. I worked my legs and arms and felt like I got plenty of cardio, remarked first-time student Ruth Pettit.

Professional drummers can burn 800 calories an hour while performing. The Beaverton teacher hopes her students will feel the same burn.

It s a total body workout. Look at how much we sweat and with the sticks, we can all feel like a rock star, she concluded.

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