PORTLAND -- The man charged with trying to set off a bomb during Portland's 2010 Christmas tree lighting is due to go to trial in less than three months, and his attorneys are fighting to collect more evidence in the case.

Mohamed Mohamud is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction in November 2010. Federal agents said he tried to detonate a van filled with what he thought were explosives in downtown Portland.

But the bomb was a fake.

Background: Portland tree lighting bomb plot

Mohamud appeared in court Wednesday. He entered the courtroom with a smile and greeted his legal team with handshakes, but did not speak during the hour-long hearing.

His lawyers asked the government to provide more evidence in the case. Prosecutors said they had already turned over everything required of them.

Lawyers claimed during the hearing Wednesday that Mohamud was under intense surveillance long before the alleged bomb plot.

They said agents were monitoring his email, phone calls and text messages as early as spring, 2009. He was also placed on the no-fly list, but it's not clear what initially prompted that high level of surveillance.

Mohamud's lawyers argued that this is a case of entrapment.

The trial is set to begin in mid-January, 2013.

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