PRIEST LAKE, Idaho -- An Eastern Washington man's lost and severed finger has been found.

In the belly of a fish.

Hans Galassi, 31, was wakeboarding July 4 on Priest Lake, a popular recreational destination in North Idaho near the Washington state line.

In an accident, Galassi lost four of the fingers from his left hand.

Galassi said he used to joke about what happened them.

They're fish food. That's what I've told people, he laughed from his home in Colbert, Washington.

Fast-forward to this month when Nolan Calvin was fishing around the same area, on the west side of Priest Lake.

Calvin caught a large lake trout and while cleaning it, he discovered a human finger in the fish's inards.

Calvin put the finger on ice and gave it to the Bonner County Sheriff's Office.

That's when Galassi got a call from detectives.

He said, 'You're never going to believe this story I have to tell you, there was a fisherman out on Priest Lake,' and I knew instantly what had happened, he said.

From the finger, detectives were able to get a fingerprint that traced back to Galassi.

Based on the locations of Calvin's catch and Galassi's accident, detectives said the fish swam about 6 miles north.

Detectives said they were surprised to see the finger was in such good condition.

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