PORTLAND Portland police stopped and cited dozens of cyclists and a handful of drivers in a two-hour traffic sting Thursday morning.

Every cyclist who was stopped and cited was offered the Share the Road Safety Class in exchange for a dismissal to the citation.

Catherine Ciarlo says she particularly regrets the ticket she was issued for riding her bike through a Portland stop sign because she's the city's transportation policy director.

She says even someone like myself who supports responsible riding needs to be reminded to pay closer attention. KOIN reports the member of the mayor's staff was one of 26 cyclists ticketed by Portland police Thursday for riding through stop signs at Ladd Circle.

Another cyclist who was ticketed, John Shows, says bikes have a clear line of sight of approaching traffic at Ladd Circle, and he would like to see the stop signs changed to yield signs.

A total of 53 citations and three written warnings were issued. Police stopped 50 cyclists and four drivers from the North Broadway, Tillamook and Flint intersections.

Most cyclist citations were for running a stop sign at Broadway and Flint, and several for the same violation at Flint and Tillamook.

Two of the four drivers were cited for violating a newly built road closed area at Broadway and Wheeler.

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