PORTLAND - With the Olympics over, it's us wannabes that need to muster some inspiration to get out and participate.

That's the hope of a brand new start-up Portland shoe company. Skora hopes the after glow of the games helps put them on the fast track to expand.

For Skora, it's all about getting back to the basics of what makes a great running shoe. The company believes it's about keeping things to a minimum. Nothing flashy, just a shoe that fits and travels well.

Skora is a Polish word meaning skin or leather. One model is made with goat skin because of it's flexibility and weight.

Out of the starting blocks only since February, there are only two styles but, lots of colors.

The company is getting support from some national exposure. It's helping spread the word. The shoe is being compared to it's biggest competitor, New Balance.

And now with the Olympics in the history books, Skora expects a spill over effect as those people who are inspired by the games will give them a try.

Humans were built to be long-distance runners, so they have the proper tools built in their own bodies, so we're trying to build shoes that unleash that inner natural runner, said Mike Branscum, Skora's Operations Manager.

Executives know it will be an uphill battle and a challenge to compete with the large shoe giants, Nike, Adidas and others.

But, the minimalist market is expected to grow 8 percent to 12 percent next year and the company believes they are launching at just the right time.

Skora is now shipping internationally and there shoes are available locally at the three fit right locations.

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