BEAVERTON,Ore. - As Officer Nick Coplin loadedinto his Beaverton Police Department rig on Friday, he knew it would not be atypical day on the job.

Coplin and his colleagues wouldbe looking for drivers headed to a music festival in unincorporated Washington County.

There's been a lot of history of drug useand drug abuse, said Coplin. Problems spill out into the community from that.

In June2011, at a similar festival on the same grounds, authorities said somebody who was high on drugs stole a vehicle anddrove it into the metro area. The driver then hit and killed a mother and wife.

The suspect in that case gout out of the car after running her over, took apicture of herlying on the ground, said Coplin.

That chilling image is the driving force behind the three-day mission.

NewsChannel 8 was with officers when the stopped a bus fullofabout adozen festival goers.

Acaninepicked up on the scent of drugs in several of the bags, but no drugs were ever found.

Over the course of the mission, police did find ecstasy and candy laced with marijuana belonging to people heading to the festival. One of thepeople was a drummer withone of the bands.

It'sabout keeping people safe, said Coplin.

NewsChannel 8 contacted festival organizers for a comment on the story. They did not respond.

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