PORTLAND -- Police announced they'll be conducting extra patrols outside Portland movie theaters after a mass shooting during a Colorado screening of The Dark Knight Rises early Friday morning.

The police bureau has not received any information that suggests a similar incident will happen in Portland, but hoped the patrols would help people feel reassured about their personal safety, Sgt. Pete Simpson said.

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Chief Michael Reese said other law enforcement agencies around the country were also patrolling movie theaters.

We join with the rest of the nation in grieving this unthinkable violent tragedy, Reese said. Similar to other cities and other agencies, we want to ensure people feel safe while they are out enjoying entertainment venues.

Police asked that anyone noticing suspicious activity around a Portland movie theater call 911 immediately.

One Portland man told KGW he would remain hypervigilant from now on when he goes to movie theaters.

When any sort of threat comes around, it changes your awareness, said Daryl Collier. It changes the sort of thing that you pay attention to.

Collier said he always monitors his surroundings, and that's what security experts said everyone should be doing.

Cliff Madison is a retired police commander and now oversees a private security company in Portland. He offered some advice for anyone who may be leery of going to a movie after the Colorado incident.

You need to at least think through: Where would I go? How would I escape? He said. Just like in a plane, they always say you should know where the exit doors are. That doesn t mean you should be afraid of flying, but you do need to be aware of what s around you.

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KGWReporter Collette Wieland contributed to this report

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