PORTLAND -- TriMet is investigating why a bus driver forced a mother and her four children off a bus in the rain in the dark of night earlier this month.

The bus driver, whose name has not been released, has been placed on paid leave during the investigation.

Another passenger on the bus called 911 and a police officer responded.

According to the 911 dispatch log obtained by KGW, the June 7 incident began as a dispute over an expired fare that the passenger gave the bus driver.

The dispatch log showed that an officer arrived and the mother agreed to pay the correct fare. Then, the bus driver told the officer she still wanted them to get off because she was already 4 minutes late and did not want people crying on the bus.

The officer ended up driving the family home in a patrol car.

TriMet declined to name the bus driver but KGW news partner The Oregonian reported that she was the same person who stopped her bus in Hillsboro and refused to continue because a mother couldn t stop her young child from crying.

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The driver in that case was placed on paid leave for a time and then re-instated. As for the most recent incident, a witness told KGW on Wednesday that the dispute was clearly over a fare disagreement.

The bus driver, she sat sideways in her seat but never got out of her seat and never yelled at her to tell her kids to be quiet or anything like that, she did not do that, recalled Michael Canoy.

The investigation continues.

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