SANDY, Ore. -- A 26-year-old man stranded overnight on the Sandy River after his kayak overturned was injured by a landslide after a rescue helicopter tried to reach him.

Clackamas County sheriff's deputy Nate Thompson said the man, later identified as Ashish Mishra of Southwest Portland, was on a patch of shore surrounded by high cliffs.

The rescue team's access to the victim was blocked by a near-vertical cliff, class IV whitewater, and several large boulders, Thompson said. This rescue was further complicated by a very dangerous 'strainer,' located just downstream of the victim's location.

Mishra was not hurt until an approaching rescue helicopter caused a landslide.

Rescuers said he was very fortunate to have not been hit by large boulders rolling down the cliff. But he suffered a shoulder injury when he was hit by a branch from a falling tree.

Members of Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue hoisted him and one rescuer up the cliff. Crews were then able to walk Mishra out of the area and he was taken to Mt. Hood hospital.

Mishra had been separated from his kayak and stranded before 7 p.m. Saturday.


KGWReporter Wayne Havrelly contributed to this report

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