The economy is sending more Moms back to work as families struggle to make ends meet. Women are reentering the workforce after years at home raising the kids.

Taking the first step is never easy, said working mom Heidi Babler.

She took the first step after her daughter started first grade, I just started having conversations and networking with people.

Her daily board games and art projects with her daughter have been replaced with what she describes as manageable hours in a marketing job.

For me a very important part of going back to work was going in at a level that I could really have work - life balance, Heidi explained.

That search for balance is why some women turn to Life Coach Dr. Kathy Masarie.

Part of it is getting confident in their skills and just getting familiar with what skills they like doing.

She suggests a series of questions. What did you want to be as a child? How many people do you want to work with? How much money do you need? How much will it cost you to work?

Most of the Moms I work with want a company that s going to make a difference in the world, said

Dr. Masarie. Renee Rutz has been making a difference as a volunteer at her daughter s school and is ready to reenter the working world.

Volunteering put me back in touch with what I m good at and I got to resurrect work skills, explained Rutz.

She has polished up her resume and meets regularly with a group of women also searching for jobs. it s been really helpful to share information, she said.

Portland Career Coach and Consultant Stacey Lane helps women build effective resumes. She suggests rolling volunteer work into professional experience.

Be very clear about what you managed. Did you take a project and turn it around?Did you manage volunteers and a budget?

Lane also advises leaving off dates like the year you graduated from college and not going back more than 10 to 15 years when you describe job experience.

I feel that I m at the place where I want to be, said Heidi Babler.

She s ready to help other Moms go from the car pool line to the corporate world.

I think we re all ready to help each other as long as we let someone know we need it.

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