PORTLAND -- In the sixth similar incident in recent days, a suspicious envelope was found at a building in downtown Portland late Thursday afternoon.

A hazmat team was investigating, as well as the FBI and nothing toxic was found upon initial tests.

This latest envelope turned up inside the OHSUoffice at the Marquam Plaza building on SWSheridan Street.

No one has reported feeling sick and there have been no evacuations. The envelope had the words anthrax marked on the outside, officials said.

Just hours earlier, an envelope was found inside the PSUhuman resources office on the 5th floor of the Market Building at 1600 SW 4th Avenue. Eight people who were in the office at the time were checked out as a precaution. The envelope and powder was also tested and deemed to be a benign substance, according to investigators.

The night before, envelopes labeled anthrax with an unidentified powdery substance inside were found at the Portland International Airport and the downtown Hilton Hotel. Those were later deemed a hoax.

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On Tuesday, suspicious powder was found in an envelope on the third floor mail room of the Lloyd Center Mall. That envelope did not contain any harmful material.

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On April 26, a similar incident was reported at the federal courthouse. Investigators said they tested that powder and it did not turn out to be harmful.

A spokeswoman with the Federal Bureau of Investigation said they were trying to determine whether the cases may be related.

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