PORTLAND -- A unique fitness franchise has reached the West Coast, Think: yoga meets Cirque Du Soleil.

Participants are suspended from the ceiling, supported by just a piece of fabric. It's called anti-gravity yoga.

The principle of it is to find levity and enjoy yourself, said Gravitas Studio Co-Owner Marci McDonald.

The people who try it will flip, fly and float into some yoga positions that look familiar and others that don't.

The pressure of the hammock pressing on your joints is sort of like your own body weight giving you a deep tissue massage. Your joints are going to restack, McDonald explained.

At times, the participants looks like they're in cocoons, a hive of wrapped yogis.

Everyone comes in with a story; strengths and struggles.

I'm having a blast. I have never been so firm in my life. This works parts of your body that don't get worked otherwise, said breast cancer survivor Dina Dickerson.

This allows me to feel as graceful and fluid and full of potential as I once did, added former ballerina Susan Hess Logeais.

I'm not a model of fitness and I do great at it, laughed Darren Bartlet.

The workout is good for all ages, all fittness levels. More information can be found on the Gravitas Studio website.

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