VANCOUVER -- The president of the Clackamas County police union has been accused of assault in Clark County.

Sgt. Steve Hyson was arrested Thursday on an allegation that he assaulted his 22-year-old stepson.

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office says 46-year-old Hyson was put on administrative leave.

Hyson's term as president for the 400-member Clackamas County Peace Officers Association ends in 2013.

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office considers any allegation of family violence to be a serious matter, Sgt. Adam Phillips said in a prepared statement. We have and will continue to work cooperatively with the Clark County Sheriff's Office for the duration of this investigation.

He said the sheriff's office was providing support and resources for the victim.

The Oregonian reported that Hyson has weathered past domestic-violence allegations.

In 2008, he was charged with fourth-degree domestic violence assault, accused of striking his wife at their home north of Vancouver. The charge was dropped after an investigation.

Last year, Clark County deputies investigated a domestic violence complaint against Hyson, but he was not charged.

Domestic violence issues within the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office took a tragic turn in February 2010 when off-duty Sgt. Jeffrey Grahn shot his wife Charlotte and her friends Kathleen Hoffmeister and Victoria Schulmerich in a Gresham bar, then took his own life. All three women died.

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The home page of the union website headed by Hyson continues to ask for donations to the Charlotte Grahn Memorial Fund via the union's foundation.

In a message posted online shortly after the shooting, Hyson wrote As President of the Clackamas County Peace Officer s Association, I assure you that we have sworn our lives to protect and serve you. CCPOA has been very proactive in working to help build positive relationships with the community where we live, and to whom we serve. Please do not let the actions of this one person, who was acting on his own, to negatively impact our valued and trusted relationship.

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